The Oral Glucose Tolerance Test Result

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I have to see a Diabetologist today to discuss the result of my Oral Glucose Tolerance Test. As I mentioned on my previous post that I was requested to have an OGTT last Saturday. The OB’s secretary promised that she would get the result and would inform via SMS if there were concerns which needed to be addressed.

I was asked to see my OB yesterday but since it would be late to go to the downtown, I requested if I could speak with the OB over the phone. The OB granted my request so I called her up and she informed me that my blood sugar is high and needed to be managed for my baby’s welfare and myself.

I don’t’ know when did my blood sugar started to peak. But I learned via Mr. Google that OGTT should be requested between the 24th and 28th week. This is usually the time when gestational diabetes starts and it should be addressed immediately.

My appointment with the Diabetologist is at 12 pm. I might also see my OB to discuss if there are alternatives to deliver my child as soon as possible or earlier since I’m already on my 39th week. I am praying and hoping that everything is well with my child.

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