Premature Appearance of Wrinkles

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The appearance of wrinkles is inevitable. This is a sign of aging maturing person. But what concerns most women and men are the premature sight of wrinkles. Most common causes of premature appearance of wrinkles are exposure to sun, smoking, diuretics drink like caffeine drinks, too much washing of face, lack of exercise, alcoholic drinks and lifestyle. Needless to say, if we avoid these things, the premature appearance of wrinkles can be delayed. Added to that, it is vital that we drink plenty of water everyday. Water hydrates our skin and serves as natural skin moisturizer. Hydrated skin is more elastic hence delaying the display of unpleasant and unwanted wrinkles.

So why I am nagging talking about wrinkles now? Because, whenever I watch the news on TV, the topic is all about price increase; increase in electric bill, increase in public transportation fare, increase in market commodity price, and anything that can be increased except for the salary of Juan. If I will always think of these things seriously, I’ll be wrinkles sprouted with face now.

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