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Received A Page Rank

  • Sumo

I don’t know when did Google run their indexing algorithm, but when I checked my rank just few minutes ago, I discovered that this new site has a page rank already! Hooray! I hope this new rank will make some movement on the flow of opps to my site 😀

Although my site does not qualify to any paid post opportunity,  God is blessing me with other means to earn some extra income.  A good friend of mine is sharing her opps with me for the last couple of weeks. By God’s grace, most of the opps got approved and now I am only waiting for the release of the payment which usually takes one month.

Receiving a page  rank is a good news for me because I can already register this site to paid post company. Although, I might still receive minimal opps because my page rank is just 1, but  that is already good for me for now.

2 thoughts on “Received A Page Rank

  1. Hi mommy, I was also surprised to find out that my new site was favored to get a 1 page rank too, I immediately joined paid to write sites, i’m just waiting for the approval of projects. Have a blessed weekend!

  2. Hi Mommy. Congrats! nabalik na PR mo. guess what tsinek ko rin yung sa akin at meron na ulit PR. Thank God talaga. hopeless na ako until i read your post today. you entries continue to inspire me. yung sa camera post nakarelate ako wala rin kaming camera i rely on my cellphone to get some photos kaya naman tingnan mo mga pics kong iba sa blog ko karamihan blurry. We have some good news to celebrate. bumalik na PR natin at starting to earn kahit konti pa lang sa opps. nagtiyaga din ako for so many months. busy rin pala ako mommy may unting typing job na binigay ang former ofcmate, tyagaan sis kailangan eh. Thank you sis. Uy may bagyo ulit. Let’s pray na lumihis sa atin at tuluyan ng lumabas ng bansa.

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