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Red is Go?

  • Sumo
Last Friday night, my husband, Jaypee, me and Ska headed to Cherry Foodarama Congressional to buy some grocery items, toiletries, and Ska’s milk. On our way home, we took a cab. We were approaching an intersection when the traffic light turned red. Jaypee and l were surprised when my daughter recognized that Red traffic light signifies stop. She uttered the word stop and pointed at the traffic light. We agreed with her and we told her that she was very good. We were surprised because we haven’t teach her yet about the traffic light colors. I think she learned it from the sign language show that I downloaded for her.

Unfortunately, the cab driver seemed to be in hurry and didn’t bother to wait for the traffic light to turn green before crossing the intersection. Good that my husband was quick. He was able to distract my daughter’s attention by pointing to the other traffic light which was green that time and told her it was GO. I was disappointed with the driver. He was not setting a good example as an adult. For sure, if my daughter can already ask a question, we will be doing a lot of explanation to her.

This experience reminded me of the old tv ad which had a slogan something like “Ang ginagawa ng matanda, nagiging tama sa paningin ng bata.”

3 thoughts on “Red is Go?

  1. Hi mommy! bad cab driver…buti na lang din when he proceeded walang mabilis na sasakyan from the other side of the intersection.I like the new look mommy!

  2. hmm.. sounds familiar! we just continue to guide our children every now and then! nice lay out mommy;)godspeed!

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