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Just any other school, the first day of school is usually set for the orientation. This is the same with my daughter’s new school. We had our orientation this morning. The administrator of the school discussed the school calendar and a brief introduction of the curriculum. The teachers discussed the grading systems, merits and demerits, purpose of the communication notebook, PACES, discipline inside the room, the classroom setup, detention policy, purpose of the flags and etc. We also watched a video about the SOT curriculum. Everything went well except that I was a bit disappointed when I knew who will be my daughter’s teacher.

I have no problem with the curriculum, it has been tested and proven by so many schools in different countries to be effective. I am more concerned about the implementation and execution.  When I enrolled my daughter, I asked the one who entertained us if she was one of the teachers. She told me no but she acted as a substitute monitor whenever the monitor is absent. She even told that she’s a clerk cum registrar. It was a relief for me because it gave me an assurance that she’ll not be my daughter’s teacher. But this morning during the orientation, I learned that she’ll be handling the Reading Readiness class where my daughter is enrolled.

I am not being mean nor have any intention to discriminate nor have any intention to hurt people whatsoever. But I believe that a pre-school teacher should have at least a degree in education if not a specialization with handling kids. I didn’t get a straight answer when I inquired about it. Instead they just told me that she’s been observing for two years. My second concern is the way she pronounced the words since she’ll be teaching my daughter phonetics and proper pronunciation. I am not convinced that she can teach the proper sounds of the letters based on how she discussed her part during the orientation and how she pronounced simple words like paste {pest}. She might even confuse my daughter 🙁

The administrator probably saw the disappointment on my face because he asked me twice if I’m okay with that. Honestly, I could not answer yes.  Still, he assured me that everything will be fine. I really hope so. Until we reached home {I was with hubby and daughter} I still felt the disappointment.

I am still planning to talk to the administrator about my concern one of these days especially if I notice a drastic effect to my daughter. And if ever they have no other teacher who can handle the class, I might just home school my daughter using their curriculum even for this year only.

My objectives why I enrolled my daughter to that school is because first it is a Christian School. Second because I like the ACE program which the school adapts. Third, because the school claims that they give emphasis on proper pronunciation of the sounds.


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  1. wow orientation na…dito kakatapos lang vacation ng ibang kids..:)

    Re sa FONT..nde ko lam kasi pinagawa ko lang template ko kay KAYE 🙂 ask u nlng sa

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