School Starts Tomorrow

  • Sumo

Back to School – this statement is 100% true for my daughter.  If you remember, she stopped her schooling last year when hubby decided to help the church here in Bohol and daughter and I moved to Bulacan while he was away. Now, I am grateful that we found a Christian school here for my daughter.

The school is considered near with its more than 3 kilometers distance from our house. But good thing, her schedule is in the afternoon. I will not have a hard-time waking her up in the morning. Her class is only two hours, from 1 pm to 3pm. Her father will drop her then pickup her up after his afternoon visitation.

Hubby and I enrolled Jyma last April. We only had to pay for the registration for the enrolment. The remaining amount will be paid on monthly basis.  Another blessing was we got a 50% for her monthly tuition fee because his father is an associate pastor.  But since the school adapts the School of Tomorrow curriculum, we need to buy the PACES. I only paid a partial amount because the school does not have yet the pricing when we enrolled our daughter.

Tomorrow will be the start of their class. But since the first day will be an orientation, we are required to accompany our daughter for the flag raising at 7:45.

I don’t see daughter is excited to go back to school or probably it is just nothing to her. But I am hoping that this time, she’ll be able to finish the whole school year. I am also praying that she’ll not get sick like last year.  I am praying that daughter will enjoy her schooling and will like her new school.


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