Technology Has Gone Far

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If you will take a look on the technology for the last three or four decades,  it really has gone far. Before, the fastest way to send a message was through telegram which only the important words were included. This is because each word corresponds to a fee. Now, we have cellphones which we use to spread messages in no time at all  although,  some still prefers to use the ” telegram way” of sending sms. There are technologies now that before was just a funny dream of some and most of these technologies were invented for our conveniences. And in case you don’t know yet, those who live in cold places and use fireplace to warm themselves, electric fireplace insert, is now available.

This technology replaces the traditional log but can still give the same heat that real fire produced. What good about this product is there is no ash dust which needs to be clean after using the fireplace. There is also no need to gather the woods or logs. The heat it produced is adjustable and can even use without producing heat during summer time. So what else can you ask for? Hmmm, this product made me think about the next technology which will be invented and for what purpose.  What do you think will it be?

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  1. I am trying to leave comments on your post but your WP Hashcash is preventing me.

    Anyway, I agree that technology have gone too far but I like this one too.

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