The Biggest Loser Result

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Remember The Biggest Loser contest launched in our company before our summer outing?  Well, the result was a draw! Most of the participants backed-out, LOL! This means that it is really hard to gather so much determination and discipline to have a proper eating habit. Isn’t  biblical? One of the areas which Satan uses to tempt man is the stomach. This was also one of the temptations he threw to Jesus Christ after Jesus Christ fasted for forty nights. We admit or not, we eat not only  because we are hungry but because of our appetite for food, and that is considered lust of the flesh.

No, I am not justifying my weakness. As a matter of fact, I was able to prove to myself that if I will only like it, I can really lose weight. In a month of suppressing myself to eat too much rice, I lost almost seven pounds.  But rice is still the culprit of my fast weight gain. I still want to lose weight and I am contemplating if I need to resort to other  natural weight loss products. Is this a drastic move?

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