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Teenage life isn’t easy. Next to the formative years, I believe this is the second most crucial stage in any person’s life. In this stage a person experiences so many changes from physiological to emotional changes and many more in between. This is also the time when a person is very curious to experience everything. Sadly, some of these curiosity leads to permanent damages. Thus, this is the time when teenagers need their parents’ love and guidance the most.

I don’t have yet a teenager but few more years, I’ll have one. And few more years, they will be two. I’m quite scared how my will daughters handle these changes in their lives. My confidence that they will not lose the values I taught them lies on what the Bible says on Proverbs 22:6.

I can also help them find worthwhile activities to engage with to satisfy their curiosity rather than allow other people feed them with damaging experiences. Thanks to sites like summer camps which offer activities for different teenagers’ needs and personalities. These summer camp activities are safe and wholesome.  With these activities their skills and talents will be further enhanced.

As a mother, I have no call on the choices which my daughters will make for their lives. I can only guide, remind and warn them but the final decision will still be on them. It is their lives anyway. But I hope and pray that they will be wise like a serpent but harmless like a dove and they will always fear and love God so they will always be in the right path.

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15 thoughts on “Teenage Life

  1. Amen to that mommy! It is because foundation is everything 🙂 Sadly, very very few young people today exude great values.

  2. I’m hoping the same for my nephews and niece. One is 10 years old now and I hope he doesn’t forget the values we have been teaching him 🙂

  3. I think it’s normal for moms like you to worry but as long as you give full trust to your daughters and you expose them early on to the realities of life, without sugar-coating everything, they will be fine 🙂

  4. Indeed teenage stage is a crucial stage in any person’s life. In this stage a teenage kid are more eager to experience everything.

  5. Next year, I’ll have a teenager. 🙂 You are right, teenage years is the time of confusion and awkwardness and all we can do is to be there for our children. With God’s grace, we can do it, am sure! 🙂

  6. I worry about my daughters’ teenage years as well but I bank on the idea that us parents invest on them by being there during their curiousity years. We may not always be with them but the lessons and knowledge they get from us never leave. 🙂

  7. You say that in a few years you will have a teenager, that time will fly by trust me.

    Then you may have the tantrums and tears of a ‘real’ teenager

  8. This is one good verse for the parents. Training and teaching your kids is not an easy task and it is also not easy instilling good learning but the best way is to be a role model for them.

  9. I was a rebellious teen and now fear that my daughter will be the same. She takes so much after me and even seems to have inherited my stubbornness and strong will. I just keep on praying that my husband and I will be able to instill in them proper values so they will always choose the right path as they go through life’s many fork roads.

  10. Just don’t be too hard to your children. Learn to communicate with them. Know how they feel. Understand them.

    How I wish I could say this to much Mom.

  11. I hope my baby doesn’t grow up but it’s something I cannot stop. Sooner or later they will be out to explore and experience the world on their own.

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