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Baby Wearing Next9 R’Jellybean Ring Sling

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When I made a wish list months before I delivered my second child, I didn’t include a baby carrier because I thought my first born’s baby carrier was still with us. But when we started looking for it, we could no longer find it. Meaning, it was included in the things we disposed to friends and churchmates before we transferred here in Bohol.

I knew that time that we would be need a carrier especially when we traveled on motorbike. So we started checking the mall. I was shocked of the prices so I set aside the idea of buying one once we have a chance to visit Manila.

That time I was also asking my friends who have used baby clothes and other baby stuff.  When my friend and former officemate, Dothy, read my wish list, she promised to send me her Baby Bond and some baby stuff. She also asked me if I was familiar with baby sling because she would also send one to me.  I told her no but immediately asked Mr. Google about it. When her packaged arrived, I excitedly followed the video I found on how to use the baby sling. I also found out that the baby sling was a Next9 R’Jellybean Ring Sling.

I’ve been using my Next9 R’Jellybean Ring Sling for more than 7 months now and I am very happy that my friend gave me one. I used it wherever I go, whether I do my shopping, attend conferences or visit a place, I wear my baby using it.

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The convenience it gives is remarkable when we do our grocery shopping. Instead of putting her in a stroller which would make us like pushing two carts, I can wear my baby using the ring sling. That way I can use my free hands to

I also find Next9 R’Jellybean Ring Sling helpful when we travel on motorbike. Motorbike is the most cost-effective means of transportation here in Bohol so we decided to purchase our own months ago.  When we need to travel on motorbike, I don’t need to worry whether my daughter is sleeping or awake. I can wear her using the jellybean ring sling whatever state she maybe. I used the tail to protect her from the sun rays.

Recently, I realize that it is also convenient to use the Next9 R’Jellybean Ring Sling when breastfeeding in public. Not all establishments here in Bohol has breastfeeding room so before when I need to breastfeed my daughter, I would look for place where at least I can sit down so I could breastfeed her. I used nursing cover when breastfeeding in public discreetly. But when baby is already fuzzy, I get also frantic wearing the nursing cover. With Next9 R’Jellybean ring sling, I can breastfeed anytime, anywhere discreetly. I only have to positioned my daughter so she can reach my breast then cover her with the tail of the ring sling. I can even breastfeed her while checking the items I want to buy or while walking. Nobody would realize that I am actually breastfeeding.

I always get attention whenever I wear my baby in public using the Next9 R’Jellybean Ring Sling. Some are surprised when they realized that there is a baby inside the pouch. Some are amazed and most of them are curious 😀 I am always asked questions about it and I feel like I’m a product endorser, LOL!  I think here in Bohol people are more familiar with the usual baby carrier than the

I am so blessed and thankful that God used my friend to give me this Next9 R’Jellybean Ring Sling because it makes my life easier.

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6 thoughts on “Baby Wearing Next9 R’Jellybean Ring Sling

  1. I wasn’t able to ring sling baby carrier when I had my son. I was planning to purchase similar in an online shope pero hindi rin natuloy. 🙂

  2. We never knew of such things when we had Matt. It was already late when we knew such baby stuffs. Maybe next time we had a baby, we wil find this sling ring too.

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